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Reviews copy: Testimonials

Chris is very professional, personable, did a very good job. He was nice to my dog (this is important to us!) We plan on hiring him again, as we have more painting to do. Highly recommend him!

Wendy H.

Extremely trustworthy. He is the kind of contractor you could trust in your home in your absence, and he may even walk the dog for you.

Bob L.

He is a hard worker, dedicated and works to perfection. He's on time, professional and works to completion. Very reliable, trustworthy and very good at his job. He has a great personality as well.

Tony C.

Chris is honest, dependable, reliable, and does excellent work. He pays attention to detail and makes sure every job is done to perfection. He also very patiently explained and answered all my questions. I would HIGHLY recommend him!!

Sue B.


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